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per session $300 (full face)

3 sessions $750
6 sessions $1000



Acne scarring is a source of insecurity for millions of people. It can last for years and resist the most popular treatment protocols.


Fortunately, PicoSure’s ultra-short bursts of light can be effectively and safely used to treat these scars. 


The laser creates a thermal injury on the targeted area, causing the body to inflame and fill with oxygen, nutrients and white blood cells to begin the healing process. This stimulates collagen production, which acts as a kind of scaffold for the skin to restructure and rebuild stronger and smoother.


In one clinical study, a group of participants of skin types I through V underwent 6 picosecond laser treatments for their acne scarring. Upon the final treatment and followup visits, all patients reported being satisfied or extremely satisfied with the results, with an average pain score of only 2-3 out of 10.

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