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"No Ragrets"
Tattoo Removal Competition

to enter, please submit your worst tattoo(s) 

  • we will be doing a voting competition at the start of JULY to pick winners - depending on the number of entries will determine how many tattoos are voted on in the social media contest (max 20)

  • this MUST be your own tattoo and you can NOT enter someone else's tattoo. The tattoo you enter, if it wins, must be the tattoo we perform removal on.

  • you MUST be willing to come in for multiple sessions (the studio is in Hamilton ON) - the first session must be scheduled within 1 month of winning and then the following sessions approx. every 8 weeks 

  • you MUST be willing to allow us to use the photo of the tattoo on social media, to allow people to vote on the tattoo during the contest and you must be willing to allow us to record the removals/process for social media as we see fit, with no monetary compensation

  • we will not be posting your name or the artist involved in the tattoo 

  • you do not need to have your face in any of the content or videos 

  • you agree you actually want to remove this tattoo, and have NO medical or mental conditions that will not allow you to get the treatments done


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