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  • Before the session we do offer numbing cream for sale, we recommend purchasing this at the consult and then starting to numb the area BEFORE you arrive for the removal. We do recommend wrapping the numbing cream in plastic wrap and letting us remove it before the session.

  • During the session, expect to be very anxious, this is normal. You can ask us any questions you need 

  • The pain of the laser is manageable - we can take breaks and help you manage the experience. It is very fast however - most removal sessions are done in under 5 minutes.We can explain the pain as an electrical shock like when you touch a metal object after rubbing your socks on carpet or a bacon grease splatter

  • After the session, expect pain like a bad sunburn and some tightness in the treated skin - this lasts about 24-48 hrs 

  • The treated area is sensitive to touch 

  • Some people have blisters - do not pop these if possible

  • Itching for about a week to 10 days after the session in the treatment area 

  • Scabbing in the treatment area after about 5 days

  • You will NOT see immediate results, immediately after the session you get 'frosting' on the treated skin which goes away within 20 minutes, but the treated area will look exactly the same (or darker in some cases) for a about a week, after the first week you will start to see a slow breakdown of the ink within the skin. Since we do not use heat we are not causing damage to the skin so the ink is not breaking through the skin like what happens initially with q-switch lasers. The lack of immediate results is NORMAL and it does not mean that the tattoo removal did not work - please wait the full 6-8 weeks to see results from the process 

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